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Cavalo Sorraia

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The Sorraia Horse

Primitive Breed

The Sorraia Horse had as great impeller Dr. Ruy de Andrade, from 1937, a task that was continued by his descendants. The purpose was merely zoological, and it was proposed to recover and maintain a type of horse that is considered as reminiscent of the wild ancestral of the Iberian horse of the warm meridional region, substrate of the modern horse of the south of the Iberian Peninsula. Thus, from a nucleus of animals acquired in the valley of the Sorraia, whose indications of primitiveness were very evident (zebras in the limbs and in the head, list of mulino and crucial, dark extremities, coat mouse or bay, among others) (Sorraia Horse), of unique characteristics in the world.

Dr Ruy D'Andrade junto a uma égua Sorraia afilhada (1960)